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Andrew Fisher

Dr Andrew Fisher is research fellow in the Department of Photography at FAMU (the Photography Department of the Film & TV School, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) working on the research project: ‘Flusser, Simondon and the temporal scales of contemporary photography’. He is a founding editor of Philosophy of Photography (2010–present). His current research centres on the significance of various conceptions of scale and sequence for historical and contemporary photographies. This has resulted in a series of publications including: ‘Living with the excessive scale of contemporary photography’, in the book Photography Off the Scale, edited by Tomáš Dvořák and Jussi Parikka (Edinburgh University Press, 2021) and ‘Der fotografische Maßstab’, in the book Ästhetik der Skalierung, Sonderheft 18, Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft, edited by Carlos Spoerhase, Steffen Siegel and Nikolaus Wegmann (Felix Meiner Verlag, 2020). Amongst other ongoing projects, he is currently working (in collaboration with Anke Hennig) on a translation of Sergei Tret’iakov’s 1931 German language book, Feld-Herren, into English.

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