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Beatriz A.V. Cabral
Beatriz A.V. Cabral (Biange Cabral) is a Drama Professor at the State
University of Santa Catarina. Formerly she worked as a theatre director at
the Federal University of Santa Catarina and from 1996 to 2003 coordinated
research and extension projects that linked both universities, theatre students
and teachers. Among these projects, a research link with the University of
Exeter (1997–2001), backed by CAPES and British Council, was developed.
She is part of the Pedagogy Group of ABRACE (Brazilian Research and
Post-Graduation Association), and was a member of the directorate of the
ABRACE from 2002–04. Her research has investigated ‘impact in drama’ and
‘reception analysis’, and she is currently researching ‘the interpretation game:
subjectivities in group creation’. She was granted a Productivity and Research
Scholarship by CNP.
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