Thursday, May 28, 2020


Whilst we are sorry that we can't be with you in person for the annual Cultural Studies Association Conference, we are pleased to have the opportunity to reach out to you virtually. 


We would hate for you to miss out on our conference deals and discounts. Use discount code CSA30 to receive 30% off selected books. 


The full list of titles eligible for the above discount include:  


Raymond Williams: Cultural Analyst
Culture War:
Affective Cultural Politics, Tepid Nationalism and Art Activism
Confronting Theory:
The Psychology of Cultural Studies
Re-Imagining the City
The City is Me
Dancing Bahia
Performing Process
Spiritual Herstories
(Re)Positioning Site Dance
Dance, Disability and Law
Disability Arts and Culture
Indebted to Intervene
Fellini’s Films and Commercials
Punk Now!!
The Baroque Technotext
The Architecture of Cinematic Spaces
Crossing Gender Boundaries
Architecture Filmmaking
Culture, Technology and the Image
The Poetics and Politics of the Veil in Iran
The Idea of the Avant Garde
African Luxury
The Critical Eye
Preston Sturges
The Punk Reader
Fan Phenomena: Harry Potter
Exposing Vulnerability
Britpop Cinema
The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking
From Melies to New Media
Revolution in the Echo Chamber
Spanish Cinema of the New Millennium
The Anarchist Cinema
Consumer Identities
Communication and Discourse Theory
Planet Cosplay
Oprhan Black
A Trail of Fire for Political Cinema
The Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Arab Press
Superman: The Movie
Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
Filming the City
Activist Film Festivals
Unbecoming Cinema
The Hollywood War Film
Food Democracy
The Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema
Film Studies in China
Personal Style Blogs
Saudade in Brazilian Cinema
Inside the TV Newsroom
The Global Road Movie
LA Chic
Black and White Bioscope
Using Media for Social Innovation
Beijing Film Academcy 2017
International Horror Film Directors
Fan Phenomena: Star Wars
Fan Phenomena: Star Trek
Fan Phenomena: Batman
Fan Phenomena: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Fan Phenomena: Sherlock Holmes
Fan Phenomena: Marilyn Monroe
Fan Phenomena: Audrey Hepburn
Fan Phenomena: The Big Lebowski
Fan Phenomena: The Hunger Games
Fan Phenomena: Supernatural
Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen
Fan Phenomena: James Bond
Fan Phenomena: The Lord of the Rings
Fan Phenomena: Mermaids
Fan Phenomena: The Twilight Saga
Fan Phenomena: Game of Thrones
Crime Uncovered: Antihero
Crime Uncovered: Detective
Crime Uncovered: Private Investigator
Television Antiheroines
Downtown Film and TV Culture 1975-2001
Karaoke Idols
Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace
Why Would Anyone Wear That?
Fashion & War in Popular Culture
Fashion and Ethics
Fashion Cities Africa
Global Fashion Brands: Style, Luxury and History
Transglobal Fashion Narratives
Fashion in Popular Culture
Performance / Media / Art / Culture
Artist Scholar
Artist Researcher Teacher
Living & Sustaining a Creative Life
Art as Research
Research in Art and Design Education
Across the art Life Divide
100 years of Futurism
The Artist as Culture Producer
The Artist as Curator
Performing Revolutionary
Landscape and the Science Fiction Imaginary
The Only Way Home is Through the Show
It's All Allowed
Perform, Repeat, Record
Anne Bean
Kira O'reily
Time, Duration and Change in Contemporary Art
Drawing as a Way of Knowing in Art & Science
Arts Integration in Education (PB)
The Art of Defiance
The Making of an Artist
Quantum Art and Uncertainty
Using Art as Research in Learning and Teaching
Faith Wilding's Fearcul Symmetries
What's Next?
Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art
Provoking the Field
Field Notes on the Visual Arts
Connecting People, Place and Design
Joshua Sofaer
Queer Communion
Art inSight
World Film Locations: New York
World Film Locations: San Francisco
The Importance of Elsewhere
Shooting Women
Gay Men at the Movies
Girls! Girls! Girls! in Contemporary Art
Feminist Ethics in Film
Why I Buy
The Age of Television
Television and Criticism
Celebrity Philanthropy
Versions of Hollywood Crime Cinema
Videogames and Art


This discount will run from 28 May - 31 July 2020.


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