Diasporas of Australian Cinema (Book)

This volume is the first to focus exclusively on diasporic filmmaking and the rich cultural diversity within Australian cinema, and it contains previously unpublished articles by some of the foremost experts on Australian cinema in the world. Contributors to Diasporas of Australian Cinema discuss a variety of contemporary and historical filmmaking, encompassing documentaries, features and short films. A number of key feature films are discussed including Forty Thousand Horsemen, Silver City, Wog Boy, Head On, Russian Doll, Japanese Story, and Lucky Miles. Opening with a comprehensive chapter that introduces the organizing concept of this volume, diasporic hybridity, the essays go on to explore migration, Asian-Australian subjectivity, cross-cultural romance, Islamic-Australian identity and “wogsploitation” comedy. A useful reference source for scholars of film, migration, cultural, and Australian studies, Diasporas of Australian Cinema also features a comprehensive filmography listing Australian features, documentaries and shorts with significant diasporic content.

Category: Film Studies


Diasporas of Australian Cinema is the first volume to focus exclusively on diasporic hybridity and cultural diversity in Australian filmmaking over the past century.Topics include post-war documentaries and migration, Asian-Australian subjectivity, cross-cultural romance, "wogsploitation" comedy, and post-ethnic cinema. This collection also provides a useful reference text for scholars of Australian film and cultural studies, with material on contemporary film-making and pre-World War II cinema. Containing previously unpublished articles by some the most recognised experts on Australian cinema, the book is a vital contribution to the burgeoning international interest in diasporic cinemas.
Catherine Simpson and Renata Murawska are lecturers in the department of media at Macquarie University in Sydney. Anthony Lambert is a lecturer in the department of critical and cultural studies at Macquarie University.
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