Engineering Nature (Book)

Art and Consciousness in the Post-Biological Era

Edited by Roy Ascott

This is the third book in a series drawing on papers presented at annual Consciousness Reframed conferences. In addition to focusing on the 2003 conference, it also includes papers published in the journal Technoetic Arts. With some 45 contributors, each chapter presents current issues arising in the context of art, technology and consciousness.

Category: Visual Arts


This third volume in the Consciousness Reframed series, documenting the very latest artistic and theoretical research in new media and telematics including aspects of artificial life, robotics, technoetics, performance, computer music and intelligent architecture. The contributions to this volume represent the work produced at conferences and in journals which are only now emerging into more accessible literature. With over fifty highly respected practitioners and theorists in art and science contributing, there is a stimulating diversity of approach and a rich background of knowledge.
Roy Ascott is Director of the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth and Visiting Professor in Design/Media Arts, University of California, Los Angeles. His previous publications include Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art Technology and Consciousness (University of California Press, 2003)
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