Fan Phenomena: The Lord of the Rings (Book)

Series: Fan Phenomena


Few, if any, books come close to being as beloved – or as ubiquitous – as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The book delves into the philosophy of the series and its fans, the distinctions between the films’ fans and the books’ fans, the process of adaptation, and the role of New Zealand in the translation of words to images. Lavishly illustrated, it is guaranteed to appeal to anyone who has ever closed the last page of The Return of the King and wished it to never end.

'For a series with such a diverse following, spanning generations, continents and media, this book does a superb job in bringing the world behind the creation(s) of Middle Earth to life.' 

Steven Galvin, Film Ireland

'Fan Phenomena: The Lord of the Rings is very well put together and provides sources for further reading following all of the essays in the book. It is a great read for a fan of Tolkien.'

Victoria Irwin, Fan Girl Nation

Lorna Piatti-Farnell, director of the Popular Culture Research Centre at Auckland University of Technology, has brought together 10 academics to examine the fan phenomenon of The Lord of the Rings. They examine its impact in a variety of forms, but especially in print and film. The essays range over such topics as fan social media, the impact of Peter Jackson's films on New Zealand tourism, intellectual property controversies and gender portrayals.' 

Colin Steele, The Sydney Morning Herald
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