Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 6.3 is now available both in print & online!
Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 6.3 is now available both in print & online!

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Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 6.3 is now available both in print & online!


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Aims & Scope


Fashion, Style & Popular Culture is a peer-reviewed journal specifically dedicated to the area of fashion scholarship's interfacings with popular culture. It was established to provide an interdisciplinary environment for fashion academics and practitioners to publish innovative scholarship in all aspects of fashion and popular culture relating to design, textiles, production, promotion, consumption and appearance-related products and services.


Issue 6.3 




Ending our sixth volume in fashion and style 





Fashion brands’ use of emojis on Twitter: An exploratory study 

Stanley Mathews and Seung-Eun (Joy) Lee


The discourse of fashion change: Trend forecasting in the fashion industry 

Maria Vieira Lopes


Revolutionizing the ‘Made in USA’ model for apparel manufacturers

Nioka Wyatt


Conceptualizing fashion styling 

Sinikka Pöllänen, Minna Parkko and Minna KaipaineN 


Gender fluidity as luxury in perfume packaging 

Magdalena Petersson McIntyre


Beyond the mat: Interpreting eroticism in the over the-top aesthetics of professional wrestling

Ali Khan


American designers step up: Historical design inspiration from 1940 to 1945 

Jennifer M. Mower and Elaine L. Pedersen




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