Giuseppe Pagano (Book)

Design for Social Change in Fascist Italy

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the influential architect Giuseppe Pagano and his contribution to the development of modern architecture. 

With chapters by Tim Benton, Noa Steimatsky, Cesare de Seta, Caterina Franchini and Claudia Cagneschi


Giuseppe Pagano-Pogatschnig (1896–1945) was a twentieth-century polymath operating at the intersection between architecture, media, design and the arts. He was an exhibition and furniture designer, curator, photographer, editor, writer and architect. A dedicated Fascist turned Resistance fighter, he was active in Italy’s most dramatic social and political era.

Giuseppe Pagano provides a comprehensive overview of the influential architect and his contribution to the development of modern architecture. It follows a central biographical line with in-depth, mini chapter contributions on aspects of Pagano’s cultural production, concluding with writings by Pagano himself and a critical bibliography to aid scholars in further study.

Flavia Marcello is associate professor of architectural history at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. She is a world expert on the art and architecture of the Italian Fascist period and also researches the legacy of Fascism in contemporary society.


Author’s preface


Introduction – a rebel with a cause.

Chapter 1: Pagano the Young Man: The Formation of an Idealist from Poreč To Turin (1896-1926)

Chapter 2: Pagano the architect: Architecture as force for Social change (1927-1941)

Chapter 3: Pagano The Writer: The Voice For An Alternative Modernism (1930-1943)

Chapter 4: Pagano The Exhibition Designer: Art In The Service Of An Idea (1928-1940)

Chapter 5: Pagano the photographer: snapshots of the real Italy (1935-1943)         

Chapter 6: Pagano The Fighter: The Making Of A Partisan From Milan To Brescia (January 1941-November 1943)

Chapter 7: Pagano the Prisoner: from Milan to Mauthausen (November 1943-May 1945)

Giuseppe Pagano, polemical photographer

Giuseppe Pagano: elemental Housing and the Post-war Imaginary

Anthology of Writings

Building information sheets

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