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Celebrate International Women's Day 2024 with Intellect

International Women's Day is on 8 March 2024! Intellect is proud to platform the work of women in academia across a range of disciplines and specialities. Read on below for a selection of spotlight titles from our fantastic authors.

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Book Spotlights


An Oral and Filmic History

This book investigates women's work in Italy between 1945 and 1965 using films, original oral history interviews, and archival sources. It focuses on three sectors: agriculture (rice weeders), fashion (seamstresses), and religious work (nuns) and compares women’s own words with their representation in film. 20 b/w illus.

An Ecofeminist Inquiry
Edited by Martina Topić

Edited collection examining the position of women in context of the political economy of the media. Discusses historically rooted masculinity, sexism, violence, inequality, underrepresentation, dual expectations, and lack of recognition faced by women in the media, looking particularly at gendered newsrooms and who creates the news. 9 b&w illus.

Essays & Interviews on Caribbean Visual Culture

Essays about and interviews with contemporary caribbean writers, scholars and curators. Includes work by trained visual artists and vernacular artists with emphasis on the works of vernacular decorative and ornamental needle workers. Speaks to both indigenous traditions of the region and more globalised contemporary expressions. 27 col, 2b/w illus.

How Not to Look Away
Edited by Judith Rudakoff

Voices from diverse cultural and environmental contexts writing on forms of engagement with the topic of performing #MeToo – testimony, witnessing, interpretation and field reports. Includes people who speak from personal experience, as well as allies, activists and scholars. Examines contemporary work, and work from the pre-#MeToo era. 25 b/w illus.

A Feminist Approach to the Cinemas of Portugal and Spain

Focusing on cinema in Portugal and Spain, this collection brings together research about women and their status in relation to Iberian filmic culture. Through a revision of feminist theory and new accounts of film history it contributes to expanding debate and encourages comparison between Iberian cinemas and visual culture from different regions.

Call of the Soul in Dance Research

This is a collection of works by internationally recognised women leading the field of dance research and spirituality across the globe. Building on current soulful research scholarship in the discipline, these authors offer extensive and detailed research into spirituality, dance, gender, religion, somatics and women-centred dance research.

Molecules, Cells, Organisms

The edited collection Drawing Processes of Life is the product of artists, biologists and philosophers working together to formulate new ways of representing a new approach to life.  It shows how better to represent biological process through drawing and to demonstrate the scientific value of drawing as a method. 78 b/w and 36 colour illustrations.   A PDF version of this book is available for free in Open Access. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

An Archival and Photographic Adventure

This volume explores the lives of women in Iran through the social, political and aesthetic contexts of veiling, unveiling and re-veiling. Through poetic writings and photographs, Azadeh Fatehrad responds to the legacy of the Iranian Revolution via the representation of women in photography, literature and film. 

Performance, Resistance, Desire

Prison Cultures offers the first systematic examination of women in prison and performances in and of the institution. Using a feminist approach to reach beyond tropes of 'bad girls' and simplistic inside vs. outside dynamics, it examines how cultural products can perpetuate or disrupt hegemonic understandings of the world of prisons. 9 b/w illus.

Behind the Camera, Around the World

Shooting Women takes readers around the world to explore the lives of camerawomen working in features, TV news and documentaries. From pioneers like America's Jessie Maple Patton to China's first camerawomen to women in poverty empowered by cameras in rural India, this book reveals a world of women working with courage and skill in what has long been seen as a male field.

Reconfiguring Care through Cinema

This book explores a varied group of cinematic narratives from the perspective of care-based ethics. The interpersonal relationships portrayed disclose important dimensions of care that have been overlooked in less contextualized discussions. The book examines the relationships between care and community, autonomy, family and self transformation.

The feminist survival manual you wish you had read as a teenager. It is written by Feminist Webs, a cross-generational youth project for girls and young women based in Manchester, UK. Many of their resources are not geographically specific.

An Anthology of Plays

Between 1930 and 1960, popular female dramatists, including Paola Riccora, Anna Bonacci, Clotilde Masci and Gici Ganzini Granata, set the stage for a new generation of feminist theatre and the development of contemporary Italian women's theatre as a whole. Now largely forgotten, the lives and works of these dramatists are reintroduced into the scholarly conversation in Italian Women's Theatre, 1930–1960. Following a general introduction, the book presents a selection of dramatic works, rounded out by commentary, performance histories, critical analyses and biographical information.

Girls! Girls! Girls! presents essays from established and up-and-coming scholars who address a variety of themes, including narcissism, nostalgia, postfeminism and fantasy with the goal of approaching the overarching question of why female artists are turning in such numbers to the subject of girls – and what these contemporary artistic explorations signify.