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Graziella Tonfoni

Dr. Graziella Tonfoni, an italian born scholar, an internationally accredited pioneer in artificial intelligence, multimedia education, computational linguistics, information design, during most meaningful times, in the past century. She has constantly documented results of her innovations and theories, while she was a research professor at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna (1983-2015) also teaching her methodologies, widely, in many prestigious universities, to make sure that steady and verified innovation she introduced was well adapted respectfully of each historic and social context. 

She has been a witness and a contributor to the making of most relevant theories in cognitive science, collaborating with outstanding personalities in the history of exploration of the human mind at MIT, as Marvin Minsky's foreword to “Writing as a visual art” indicates. She has been herself the founder of a new comprehensive discipline, Computational Literature, meant to preserve accurately memories of most relevant books and chapters and articles, many of which were published by Intellect, at the initiative of Masoud Yazdani.