Tuesday, October 01, 2019

International Journal of Education Through Art 15.3 is now available

Intellect is happy to announce that International Journal of Education Through Art 15.3 is now available!


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Aims & Scope


The International Journal of Education Through Art, published in partnership with InSEA, is an English language journal that promotes relationships between art and education. The term 'art education' should be taken to include art, craft and design education. Each issue, published three times a year within a single volume, consists of peer-reviewed articles mainly in the form of research reports and critical essays, but may also include exhibition reviews and image-text features.


Issue 15.3



Rita L. Irwin, Nadine M. Kalin and Anita Sinner




Rethinking the roles of the art educator as participatory artist, researcher and teacher (P)ART: A South African perspective 

Merna Meyer and Lesley Wood


Experiencing a space: Applying experiential methods to support the learning of art and design

Jaana Kärnä-Behm


Visual Essay


Relational connections through the space of learning: Exploring youths’ experiences of filmmaking with comics

Julian Lawrence, Ching-Chiu Lin and Isin Can 




‘Why did the photographer choose only dark-skinned kids?’: Young students’ reactions to Otherness in photographs

Ya’ara Gil-Glazer 


Visual Essay


Using art to provoke: Interpreting Tammam Azzam 

Amber Merucci 




Engaging digital makers through interactive virtual art makerspaces: Possibilities and challenges in art education 

Lilly Lu 


Visual Essay 


Curating with Ecologies of Girlhood 

Brooke Anne Hofsess, Jasmine Ulmer, Jennie Carlisle and Shauna Caldwell 




Creative reuse: The impact artmaking has on raising environmental consciousness 

Sue Girak, Geoffrey W. Lummis and Jackie Johnson 


Visual Essay


Youth connecting: Mental health and gardens 

Kerry Renwick, Kathy Romes and Vanessa Lam 




The importance of the Goethe triangle in art education 

Jurij Selan, Ursa Lesar and Ursula Podobnik 


Book Reviews


Critical Craft: Technology, Globalization and Capitalism, Clare M. Wilkinson-Weber and Alicia Ory Denicola (eds) (2016) Rachel Mason

Crits, A Student Manual, Terry Barrett (2019) Bernadette Blair

Handbook of Arts Education and Special Education: Policy, Research, and Practices, Jean Crockett and Sharon Malley (eds) (2018) Gill Nah

What’s next? Eco Materialism and Contemporary Art, Linda Weintraub (2019) Edwina fitzPatrick