Thursday, January 16, 2020

International Journal of Islamic Architecture 9.1 is now available

Intellect is excited to announce that International Journal of Islamic Architecture 9.1 is now available!


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Aims & Scope


The International Journal of Islamic Architecture (IJIA) publishes peer-reviewed articles on the urban design, architecture and landscape architecture of the historic Islamic world, encompassing the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia, but also the more recent geographies of Islam in its global dimensions. The main emphasis is on the detailed analysis of the historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of architecture.


Issue 9.1




Architectural Competitions: Creating Dialogues and Promoting Excellence? 

Hasan-uddin Khan




Can Museums Educate the Public about Islamic Art? 

Sheila R. Canby


Design in Theory




Framing ‘Islamic Art’ for Aesthetic Interiors: Revisiting the 1878 Paris Exhibition

Moya Carey, Mercedes Volait


Architectural Adventurism in Nineteenth-Century Colonial India: Begum Samru and Her Sardhana Church 

Jyoti Pandey Sharma


Barbarism Begins at Home: Islamic Art on Display in Palermo’s Museo Nazionale and Sicilian Ethnography at the 1891–92 Esposizione Nazionale 

Dana Katz


The Masjid al-Haram: Balancing Tradition and Renewal at the Heart of Islam 

Muhsin Lutfi Martens


Design in Practice




Rethinking the Architecture of Shushtar-Nou: A Forgotten Episode of Architectural Regionalism in 1970s Iran 

Mohamad Sedighi


The Preservation of Ottoman Monuments in Hungary: Historical Overview and Present Endeavours 

Gergő Máté Kovács, Péter Rabb


Book Reviews


Hotels and Highways: The Construction of Modernization Theory in Cold War Turkey, Begüm Adalet (2018) Istanbul, Open City: Exhibiting Anxieties of Urban Modernity, Ipek Türeli (2018) 

Burak Erdim 


British Houses in Late Mughal Delhi, Silvia Shorto (2018) 

Preeti Chopra


Mughal Occidentalism: Artistic Encounters between Europe and Asia at the Courts of India, 1580–1630, Mika Natif (2018)

Rachel Parikh


Reframing the Alhambra: Architecture, Poetry, Textiles and Court Ceremonial, Olga Bush (2018) 

Cynthia Robinson


Rum Seljuq Architecture, 1170–1220: The Patronage of the Sultans, Richard P. McClary (2016) 

Nicolas Trépanier  


Exhibition Reviews


Ottoman Arcadia: The Hamidian Expedition to the Land of Tribal Roots (1886), ANAMED, May 10–September 30, 2018 (Extended to May 5, 2019) 

Zeinab Azarbadegan


A Nomad’s Art: Kilims of Anatolia, The George Washington University Museum and the Textile Museum, Washington, DC, September 1–December 23, 2018 

Zeynep Simavi


The Fourth Istanbul Design Biennial: A School of Schools, Istanbul, Turkey, September 22–November 4, 2018

Yağmur Yıldırım


Process in Modern and Contemporary Islamic Art, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, April 14, 2018 

Holley Ledbetter  


Architectural Spotlight


Art Museums and the Middle East: A Contested Territory 

Şebnem Yücel