Invisible Presence is out now in the UK and Europe!
Thursday, September 16, 2021

Invisible Presence is out now in the UK and Europe!

Invisible Presence looks at the representation of female characters in French comics from their first appearance in 1905. Organised into three sections, the book looks at the representation of women as main characters created by men, as secondary characters created by men, and as characters created by women.


Using feminist scholarship, especially from well-known film and literary theorists, the book asks what it means to draw women from within a phallocentric, male-dominated paradigm, as well as how the particular medium of bande dessinée, its form as well as its history, has shaped dominant representations of women.


This book will appeal both to an academic and to a more general readership with an interest in popular comic art. Invisible Presence is available as an ebook worldwide and in hardback in the UK, Europe and select ROW locations. Coming soon to the US and Canada.