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Isabelle Choinière

Dr. Isabelle Choinière is an international artist, researcher, author and teacher of new contemporary performative practices integrating technology, with a Ph.D. from Planetary Collegium - Transdisciplinary Space Research/Center for Advanced Inquiry in the Integrative Arts, Plymouth University, UK. Her main works to date include Communion (1994–99); La démence des anges (1999–2005); Meat Paradoxe (2005–10); Flesh Waves (2013) and Phase #5 (2016–), productions that have toured internationaly in major festivals. They have also been referenced as case studies for research groups in universities around the world since 1994. Choinière’s research has been published widely in English, French and Portuguese, along with her activity as a guest chief-editor for a double issue of Technoetic Arts (2015). In 2019–20 she will publish Through the Prism of the Senses: Mediation and New Realities of the Body in Contemporary Performance: Technologies, Cognition and Emergent Research-Creation Methodologies (in three languages). She is an affiliate professor (School of Media), and postdoctoral transdisciplinary researcher (Award FRQSC 2017-19 - Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et Culture) (Arts Faculty), with Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). She is the main organizer of the Cybercorporéités: Subjectivités nomades en contexte numérique (International Colloquium Cybercorporealities: Nomadic Subjectivities in Digital Context) (Connection Grants–SSHRC/CRSH 2018) She is a member of international research groups such as FIGURA (UQÀM) and Planetary Collegium Research Network.