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Jane Bacon

Jane Bacon is a professor of dance and somatics at the University of Chichester, a Jungian analyst, focusing trainer and authentic movement teacher (disciplineofauthenticmovement. com) and practitioner. She is co-editor of the Intellect journal Choreographic Practices. Her key interest is in finding ways in which practitioner/scholars can ‘articulate something’ of and from the creative process. Her work over more than 30 years of questioning and practicing what it means to ‘articulate dance’ has led her (and collaborator Vida Midgelow) to the creation and publication of Creative Articulations Process (Choreographic Practices, 5:1, 2015), an innovative methodological model that can be used in creative work and other aspects of personal and professional life. Other recent publications include ‘Improvising presence in the analytic space’, International Association of Analytical Psychologists, Congress (2016); ‘Authentic Movement: A field of practices’, guest edited special issue of Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, 7:2, 2015; ‘Authentic Movement as wellbeing practice’, in Dance and Movement for Wellbeing: Kaleidoscopic Views of a Diverse Field (2017); ‘Embodied and direct experience in performance studies’, in Contemporary Ethnography and Performance Studies (Harrop and Njaradi, eds), 2013; ‘Her body finds a voice in an imaginal world’ in Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy Journal, Palgrave, 2012.