Journal of Popular Music Eduation 3.3 is Now Available
Friday, December 13, 2019

Journal of Popular Music Eduation 3.3 is Now Available

Intellect is pleased to announce that the Journal of Popular Music Education 3.3 is now available!


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Aims & Scope


One of the main aims of this journal, especially initially, is iteratively to define the parameters of the field and disciplines of its readership and contributors (especially with regard to other journals in popular music, and music education), this being an emerging field of scholarship and practice. The other principal aim is to disseminate excellent critique and other forms of scholarship (e.g. phenomenological) in and related to the field. The journal aims to have an inclusive, global reach. 'Education' and 'popular music' are terms that we are glad to see stretched and problematized through rigorous examination from multiple international perspectives. 


Issue 3.3




Guest editors’ introduction to the special issue

Ruth Wright, Patrick Schmidt and Susan O'Neill




Transgressive or just unexpected? Heteroglossic gender performance and informal popular music learning

Kelly Bylica, Alison Butler and Ruth Wright


The judges’ decision is final: Judgement in music talent reality TV and school music education

Alison Butler


Learning through praise: How Christian worship band musicians learn

Laura Benjamins


Towards a pedagogy of deviance

Myrtle D. Millares


CanRock classroom: Two pre-service teachers’ experiences of a popular music pedagogy course in Canada

Adam Patrick Bell, Ryan Stelter, Kathleen Ahenda, Joseph Bahhadi


Disrupting the status quo: Educating pre-service music teachers through culturally relevant pedagogy

Colleen B. Maybin


Practices and Perspectives


Practical approaches to including popular music in the secondary ensemble

Kristine Anite Musgrove


A toe-tapping good time: Informal musicking through critical pedagogy in inclusive settings

Verne Hélène Lorway