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Muhsin al-Musawi

Muhsin al-Musawi is professor of Arabic and comparative studies, Columbia University. He has been editor since 2002 of the Journal of Arabic Literature, and he is also the recipient of the Owais Award in literary criticism (2002) and the Kuwait Prize in Arabic language and literary studies (2018). His publications cover theory, postcolonial discourse, the Arabic novel, and poetry, Orientalism, the Arabian Nights, medieval Islamic knowledge and modern Arabic poetics. He is the author of numerous books in Arabic, and also six novels; his books in English include Scheherazade in England; Anglo-Orient; The Postcolonial Arabic Novel; Islam on the Street; The Medieval Islamic Republic of Letters; Arabic Poetry: Trajectories of Modernity and Tradition; The Islamic Context of the Thousand and One Nights; Reading Iraq and Culture and Power in Conflict. He is the editor of and contributor to Arabic Literary Thresholds (Brill) and Arabic Literature for the Classroom.

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