Painting in the 1980s (Book)

Reimagining the Medium

Highly readable new book explores the re-emergence of the medium of painting with unprecedented force during the 1980s, despite suggestions that it was either dead or no longer relevant. Presents a wide variety of well known painters, discussing thematic similarities as well as unique and individualized practices. 120 colour illus.

Category: Visual Arts


This book is the first to explore major painters of the 1980s in depth and to analyze the factors that shaped art from the period. Accessible to both novice and specialist, Painting in the 1980s details where and how painting embodied the zeitgeist in original fusions of style and content. Gallerists, curators, and art historians assigned labels such as New Image Painting, Neo-Expressionism, Italian Transavanguardia, Neo-Geo, and the blanket designation of Postmodernism to categorize painting in this era, yet these classifications denote a false sense of homogeneity. This book’s narrative aims to excavate and analyze the art and ideas that shaped each artist’s style and their diverse and often ambiguous content.

Rosemary Cohane Erpf, Ph.D. is a teacher, gallerist, curator, and consultant in modern and contemporary art. She has been a professor of art history at The School of Visual Arts, NYC; Long Island University Brookville, NY; and Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta, GA.

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