Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Performing Ethos: An International Journal of Ethics in Theatre & Performance 9.1 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that Performing Ethos: An International Journal of Ethics in Theatre & Performance 9.1 is now available! 


Issue focus: ‘Theatre and Migration’


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Aims & Scope


Performing Ethos is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal which considers ethical questions relating to contemporary theatre and live performance. Global in scope, it provides a unique forum for rigorous scholarship and serious reflection on the ethical dimensions of a wide range of performance practices from the politically and aesthetically radical to the mainstream.


Issue 9.1




Theatre and Migration between Ethics and Aesthetics 

Szabolcs Musca 




Performing migration in Vienna: The Volkstheater trilogy 

Vicky Angelaki


From melancholic to happy immigrant: Staging simpleton in the comedies of migration 

Yana Meerzon


Peeling Onions with Granny: On being moved to collaborate 

Teresa Murjas


Longing and belonging through migration: Otherness and empathy in theatre and philosophy Graça P. Corrêa


Recognizing voice and redistributing power: Community theatre with refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds 

Keziah Berelson and Tamsin Cook 





Alison Jeffers


Performing im/mobility: Going beyond the testimony trap 

Alexandra D’Onofrio


The Foreigner – Unknown Unlabelled Unexpected

Angela Viora


Performing citizenship illegally: The Nimis Groupe and political migrant theatre in Europe



Four Thoughts on Place and The Jungle 

Olivia Lamont Bishop




Migration and Performance in Contemporary Ireland – Towards a New Interculturalism, Charlotte McIvor (2016) 

Roxane Paire


Postmigrantische Visionen. Erfahrungen – Ideen – Reflexionen, Marc Hill and Erol Yıldız (eds) (2018) 

Anika Marschall


Performing Statelessness in Europe, S. E. Wilmer (2018) Flucht – Migration – Theater. Dokumente Und Positionen, Birgit Peter and Gabriele C. Pfeiffer (eds) (2017)

Vicky Angelaki