Punk Pedagogies in Practice (Book)

Disruptions and Connections

This edited collection develops existing work on punk pedagogy by connecting theory and practices whilst simultaneously disrupting current accepted approaches to pedagogy in post-16 education. This globally focused text takes an interdisciplinary approach that can be applied to a wide range of contexts and educational settings. 5 b/w illus.

Category: Cultural Studies, Music
Series: Global Punk


With practitioners, management and policy makers continuing to critically examine pedagogical practice in post 16 education, the need to engage in conversations concerning the exact nature of this practice remains extremely pertinent.

This collection develops existing work on punk pedagogies by connecting up theory and practices whilst simultaneously disrupting current accepted approaches to pedagogy in post 16 education.

The insights generated within the various settings outlined in this book – further education, higher education, migrant education, zine workshops, community education and for speakers of other languages – are relevant beyond those contexts. They are applicable to a wide range of disciplines, settings, teaching and learning styles.

Contributions from Ipsita Chatterjea, Mike Dines, Asya Draganova, Jon Evans, Muhammad Fakhran al Ramadhan, Michael Gratzke, Matt Grimes, Craig Hamilton, Michael Hepworth, Adam Hounslow-Eyre, Dave Kane, Nathan Kerrigan, Marco Milano, Ces Pearson, Sarah Raine, Katie Shaw, Francis Stewart, Iain Taylor, Dean Thiele, Elke Van dermijnsbrugge, L. Viner and Laura Way.

A new volume in the Global Punk series from Intellect.

Dr Francis Stewart is the head of the sociology department at Bishop Grosseteste University (Lincoln, UK) and the director of the Edward Bailey Research Centre.

Dr Laura Way is a research fellow on the Following Young Fathers Furthers study (UKRI funded 2020-2024) at the University of Lincoln (UK).

List of Figures 
Introduction - Francis Stewart and Laura Way

Section 1: Resistance / Futures
Untitled - Jon Evans
Imagining Alternatives Futures in the Present: Punk Ethnography as a Futures Forming Practice in Education and Beyond - Elke Van dermijnsbrugge
The Future Is Unwritten: Joe Strummer, prophetic pedagogy and complexity as resistance - Adam Hounslow-Eyre
Mutual aid and the possibilities of resistance in further education – Katie Shaw
Questioning Punk As My Cultural Identity - Muhammad Fakhran al Ramadhan

Section 2: Inclusivity / Margins
Untitled – Ces Pearson
Teaching the Study of Religion without a Church: SORAAAD as Punk Pedagogy - Ipsita Chatterjea
Punk pedagogy in the language education of adult migrants to the UK? – Michael Hepworth
Gender and Disability in Punk Pedagogical Praxis - Francis Stewart & Laura Way
Learning On the Road: Stonehenge, Skool Bus and the Development of Alternative Pedagogies in the New Age Traveller Movement of the 1980s – Mike Dines
The Pencil Case – Dean Thiele

Section 3 - Zines
Untitled – L. Viner
Riffs: A Punk Pedagogy Manifesto - Asya Draganova, Matt Grimes, Craig Hamilton, Iain Taylor, David Kane & Sarah Raine
Success and productive failure in zine making with young people. A Hull case study into creative expression and relationships research - Michael Gratzke
Student Producers Ain’t No Losers! Zine-making in a sociology and criminology classroom – Nathan Kerrigan
The vertiginous pedagogy of fanzines – Marco Milano

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