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Global Punk

ISSN 2632-8305 | ONLINE ISSN 2632-8313

Series editors: Russ Bestley, Mike Dines, Alastair Gordon, Paula Guerra

Global Punk is a new book series focusing on the development of contemporary global punk ‘scenes’; reflecting upon their origins, aesthetics, identity, legacy, membership and circulation. Critical approaches will draw upon the inter-disciplinary areas of cultural studies, sociology, musicology and social sciences in order to describe a broad and inclusive picture of punk and punk-inspired subcultural developments around the globe.

This series aims to chart the global existence of punk/DiY ‘scenes’ through the following (this list is by no means exhaustive):
• Origins and legacy
• Use of new media, communications, social networking, internet
• Political appropriation: re-defining of ‘anarchism’, ‘ecology’ anti-authoritarianism within the punk scene
• Punk and lifestyle: festival/squatting/traveller culture, vegetarianism, animal rights, straightedge etc
• Notion of local/national/international ‘scene’, tribes and neo tribes, counterculture/subculture, post-subcultures, new social movements
• Music and the performer: creativity, authorship, problems with definition, crossing musical boundaries
• Reception: DiY culture, activism, considerations of scenes, spaces and places
• Gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, race and identity
• The art of the punk: the use of record covers and associated merchandise to convey cultural/political/social ideals.

To propose a manuscript, or for more information about the series, please contact the series co-editors Russ Bestley, and Mike Dines,


Editorial Board

Pete Dale, Manchester Metropolitan University

Matt Grimes, Birmingham City University

Francis Stewart, Bishop Grosseteste University

Laura Way, Bishop Grosseteste University

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