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Global Punk

ISSN 2632-8305 | ONLINE ISSN 2632-8313

Series editors: Russ Bestley, Mike Dines and Paula Guerra

Global Punk is a new book series focusing on the development of contemporary global punk ‘scenes’; reflecting upon their origins, aesthetics, identity, legacy, membership and circulation. Critical approaches will draw upon the inter-disciplinary areas of cultural studies, sociology, musicology and social sciences in order to describe a broad and inclusive picture of punk and punk-inspired subcultural developments around the globe.

This series aims to chart the global existence of punk/DiY ‘scenes’ through the following (this list is by no means exhaustive):
• Origins and legacy
• Use of new media, communications, social networking, internet
• Political appropriation: re-defining of ‘anarchism’, ‘ecology’ anti-authoritarianism within the punk scene
• Punk and lifestyle: festival/squatting/traveller culture, vegetarianism, animal rights, straightedge etc
• Notion of local/national/international ‘scene’, tribes and neo tribes, counterculture/subculture, post-subcultures, new social movements
• Music and the performer: creativity, authorship, problems with definition, crossing musical boundaries
• Reception: DiY culture, activism, considerations of scenes, spaces and places
• Gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, race and identity
• The art of the punk: the use of record covers and associated merchandise to convey cultural/political/social ideals.

To propose a manuscript, or for more information about the series, please contact the series co-editors Russ Bestley, and Mike Dines,


Editorial Board

Edward Avery-Natale, Mercer County Community College

Ellen Bernhard, Georgian Court University

Minerva Campion Canelas, Javeriana University

Pete Dale, University of York

Matt Grimes, Birmingham City University

Daniel Makagon, DePaul University

Michael Mary Murphy, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art

Francis Stewart, Bishop Grosseteste University

Laura Way, University of Lincoln