Punk & Post-Punk 8.2 is now available
Monday, July 29, 2019

Punk & Post-Punk 8.2 is now available

Intellect is thrilled to announce that Punk & Post-Punk 8.2 is now available!

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Aims & Scope

Punk & Post-Punk is a peer-reviewed journal for academics, artists, journalists and the wider cultural industries. Placing punk and its progeny at the heart of interdisciplinary investigation, it is the first forum of its kind to explore this rich and influential topic in both historical and critical theoretical terms.

Issue 8.2

Russ Bestley


Notes in the margins 
Kirsty Lohman and Anita Raghunath 


‘You want me to surrender my identity?’Laura Jane Grace, transition and selling out
Kristen Carella and Kathryn Wymer

‘No more heroes anymore’: Marginalized identities in punk memorialization and curation 
Book Reviews