Queer Cinema in Europe (Book)

Edited by Robin Griffiths

Queer cinema has gained scholarly attention in recent years as a manifestation of the conflicts, anxieties, and liberation of European sexuality. Robin Griffiths’ Queer Cinema in Europe, the first anthology of its kind, probes the questions and implications of sex, gender, and identity in contemporary European filmmaking. An esteemed group of contributors discuss the varieties of lesbian and gay representation to deconstruct and redefine notions of national identity and culture in a diverse European context. This volume explores a wide scope of films, directors, and genres to forge a new understanding of what it means to be queer in the twenty-first century.


This landmark collection draws together a number of accessible and insightful essays that explore, for the first time, an exciting new area of academic analysis and debate. Through case studies of key films and filmmakers, the contributors to this volume resituate discussions of queer representation and desire within a uniquely diverse and divergent European context. And raise many provocative questions about understandings of gender, sexuality and identity in film that spill across a variety of national borders, cultures and traditions. Topics include: - queer nationality and the films of François Ozon, Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau – the sexual politics of post-communist Prague - depictions of the ‘Gay Bar’ in such films as Coming Out, Beautiful Thing and Les Nuits Fauves - queer performance and spectatorship in Lola und Bilidikid and Hamam - the Swedish ‘Drag King’ scene - Monika Treut and queer German cinema - the subversive poetics of Bavo Defurne and Matthias Müller - Dirk Bogarde and international queer stardom. 'Queer Cinema in Europe' demonstrates the vital yet under-valued role that European filmmakers have played in anticipating notions of queer subjectivity in the new millennium.
Robin Griffiths is a lecturer in film studies at the University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.
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