Rosebud Sleds and Horses' Heads (Book)

50 of Film's Most Evocative Objects - An Illustrated Journey

Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Michael Myers’s mask. Marilyn Monroe’s billowy white dress. Indiana Jones’s trusty hat. These objects are icons of popular culture synonymous with the films they appear in, and, at long last, a book has come along that sorts and chronicles fifty of them.

Rosebud Sleds and Horses’ Heads presents incisive discussion of fifty of the most significant objects in cinema history and explores their importance within their films and within the popular imagination. With original full color illustrations, this book surveys objects from a range of genres, from the birth of cinema to the present day.

Curated and written by a prominent film critic who routinely writes for some of the leading publications in the English language, as well as broadcasts for the BBC, Rosebud Sleds and Horses’ Heads is the only book of its kind. With a fascinating, original, and instantly understandable concept, it will find grateful audiences in film buffs around the world.


Scott Jordan Harris is a culture critic for the Daily Telegraph, a contributor to the BBC's The Film Programme, and Roger Ebert's UK correspondent. He is the author of several books, most recently, World Film Locations: Chicago, also published by Intellect.

'Striking illustrations'


'An object worthy of desire' 

Jan Gardner for The Boston Globe

'A flair for idiosyncrasy is part of the book’s charm, along with its square, elegant design' 

Brian D. Johnson for Maclean's

'Eclectic and fascinating reading about a little-explored aspect of cinematic mise-en-scene. It’s one of those books that demand initial reading at one sitting, and then further reference and reflection subsequently. Delightfully engaging, entertaining and informative' 

James B. Evans for Electric Sheep

'A beautifully illustrated tribute to some of the most beloved props and costumes in film history' 

Nell Minow, beliefnet

'This is an attractive object in its own right, containing many evocative objects within'

Allister Mactaggart by Cercles

'For every object you would expect ... there is something unique and surprising ... which instantly make you want to drop everything and watch the film. 8/10' 

PopMatters, Jose Solis

'What elevates Harris's book above coffee-table disposability is the original insights he provides. There's a genuine passion for these items that comes through in the writing.' 

Eric Hillis, The Movie Waffler

'A wonderful book, as essential as it is entertaining'

Elizabeth Weitzman, Film Critic, New York Daily News

'A lovely, imaginative book… elegant, original, and lit with insights. A pleasure for everyone from film buffs to fans who want to know where to begin. Highly recommended.'

Prof. Sarah Churchwell, BBC Review Show panellist

'A sparkling assessment of some of cinema’s most iconic inanimate stars.' 

Robbie Collin, Chief Film Critic, The Daily Telegraph

'Rosebud Sleds and Horses’ Heads weds the sophisticated visual dreaminess of some great children’s books to the prose of an unusually smooth scholar. Scott Jordan Harris isn’t speaking for the objects. The objects are speaking through him.'

Wesley Morris, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism as film critic of The Boston Globe
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