Sam Peckinpah (Book)

Edited by Fernando Ganzo

Director Sam Peckinpah (1925–1984) never won an Oscar. His filmography is short and uneven, and his movies have never found a wide audience. Despite this, many filmmakers today – including Tarantino and Scorsese – count him as a major influence. Sam Peckinpah, edited by Fernando Ganzo, investigates how this unique filmmaker can have such an outsized legacy, exploring films as diverse as New Mexico and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, as well as Peckinpah's television work. This lavishly illustrated volume will delight both scholars and fans – as well as bringing the underappreciated Peckinpah to new audiences in a new millennium.


Fernando Ganzo is co-editor-in-chief of the magazine Sofilm and founder of the journal Lumière. He is author of George Cukor: On/Off Hollywood and editor of Sam Peckinpah.

'Editor Fernando Ganzo, through a collection of essays, interviews, and stories straight from the sets of Peckinpah’s films, attempts to answer the question: who was Sam Peckinpah? This book includes a variety of well-ordered content, starting with an essay that gives a general overview of who the director was. The book takes you deeper and deeper into the life and career of one of Hollywood’s more eccentric directors.'

Tyler Linden, Film Matters
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