South African Cinema 1896-2010 (Book)


Martin Botha is a writer who has published numerous articles on the South African media, as well as several books, including Marginal Lives and Painful Pasts: South African Cinema After Apartheid and Images of South Africa: The Rise of the Alternative Film.


Chapter 1: Early South African cinema: 1895–1948 

Chapter 2: A few liberal voices in the 1950s

Chapter 3: Pierre de Wet, Jamie Uys and Afrikaans cinema in the 1950s and 1960s 

Chapter 4: Jans Rautenbach

Chapter 5: Manie Van Rensburg 

Chapter 6: Ross Devenish 

Chapter 7: B Scheme films 

Chapter 8: The voices of the 1980s 

Chapter 9: Oppositional film-making in the 1980s 

Chapter 10: Attempts to create a national film commission 

Chapter 11: Post-apartheid cinema 

Chapter 12: Themes and aesthetics of post-apartheid cinema

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