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Spring 2023 Books & Journals 

Check out a selection of exciting titles due to be published this Spring!

Intellect are pleased to present a small list of upcoming releases for Spring 2023, including Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Cultural Studies titles. These books are available to pre-order now.

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Amongst the new journal issues coming this Spring are: East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 9.1, Journal of Screenwriting 14.1 and Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 16.1. 

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Books & Journals Spotlight 


Unbecoming Rhythms

Develops a new framework to understand how temporality is performed in contemporary dance. It combines an in-depth analysis of the choreographic practices of Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion, Ivana Müller, Mette Edvardsen and Mårten Spångberg with a close study of the philosophical work of Bergson, Deleuze and Bachelard. 13 b/w illus.

Performance and Communities

Autoethnographic and autobiographical explorations of social identities and relationships, (un)belonging, and how practitioners and academics do their work. They show the ongoing need to rethink and re-examine how to do critical and engaging scholarly work. Life stories are necessarily, messy, complex and personal experiences. 34 b/w illus.

An Ecofeminist Inquiry
Edited by Martina Topić

Edited collection examining the position of women in context of the political economy of the media. Discusses historically rooted masculinity, sexism, violence, inequality, underrepresentation, dual expectations, and lack of recognition faced by women in the media, looking particularly at gendered newsrooms and who creates the news. 9 b&w illus.

Traditions and Innovations

The book focuses on radio and sound docufiction/docudrama through comparative analysis of case studies from BBC Radio and from Radio RAI and Italian independent producers. It explains how radio language in its acoustic dimension allows access to unpredictable layers of truth complementary or alternative to documentary truth.

The Healing Art of Self-regulation and Co-regulation

Focussing on Somatic Movement Dance Therapy and the importance of self-regulation and co-regulation, chapters deal with self-regulating different tissues through movement, breath, sound and the imagination. Brings together detailed theoretical and experiential anatomy and its application in SMET practice. 227 b/w figs.

Theories, Methods, Research Practices

Explores cities of exile from different perspectives and presents different methods and sources for exile and urban studies. Internationally recognized scholars writing on themes including mapping, oral history, queerness, photography. A significant contribution to the theory and methodology of research on historical exile. 90 b/w, 18 col. illus.

The Flowing Live Present

Highly original essays by award-winning Sondra Fraleigh address the field of movement-based and dance somatics through lenses of ethics and ecology. Three new essays, new introductory material and postscript are included alongside essays previously published as journal articles brought together for the first time. 16 b/w illustrations.

The Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research is a peer-reviewed academic publication dedicated to the study of communication, culture and society in the Arab and Muslim world. It aims to lead the debate about the rapid changes in media and society in that part of the world. This journal is also interested in diasporic media like satellite TV, radio and new media especially in Europe and North America. This title is indexed with Scopus. For more information, to access the journal or to subscribe visit the Discover platform here.

The Journal of Screenwriting is an international double-blind peer-reviewed journal published three times per year. The journal highlights current academic and professional thinking about the screenplay – in all its forms and guises – and stimulates debate about contemporary and historical screenwriting practices, as well as the teaching of screenwriting and training of screenwriters. The journal is committed to research that represents a truly global perspective. The journal is discursive, critical and rigorous, and is inclusive of all forms of research and scholarship in what is a dynamic and developing field. This title is indexed with Scopus and the Web of Science’s Arts & Humanities Citation Index (AHCI). For more information, to access the journal or to subscribe visit the Discover platform here.

The East Asian Journal of Popular Culture is the first academic peer-reviewed journal for scholars, teachers and students from around the world who have an active and passionate interest in the popular culture of East Asia. The journal is devoted to all aspects of popular culture in East Asia and the interplay between East Asia and the wider world. This title is indexed with Scopus. For more information, to access the journal or to subscribe visit the Discover platform here.