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Sue Harper

Sue Harper is Emeritus professor of Film History at the University of Portsmouth. She has written many essays and articles on British cinema, and her books include Picturing the Past: The Rise and Fall of the British Costume Film (British Film Institute, 1994), Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: Women in British Cinema (Continuum, 2000), British Cinema of the 1950s: The Decline of Deference (with Vincent Porter) (Oxford University Press, 2003) and British Film Culture in the 1970s: The Boundaries of Pleasure (with Justin Smith) (Edinburgh University Press, 2012). She was given a BAFTSS Outstanding Achievement Award in 2017. She began writing short stories in 2018, and a selection can be found on her website ( In 2020, Egaeus Press published The Dark Nest, her first collection of stories.