Tech-Noir Film (Book)

A Theory of the Development of Popular Genres


Emily E. Auger has graduate degrees in art history and English literature. She has taught art history in Canadian and American universities for over twenty years.

Foreword by Gary Hoppenstand 



Chapter 1: Method and Models 

Chapter 2: The Promethean Message 

Chapter 3: Tech-Noir 

Appendix 1: Charts 

Appendix 2: Tech-Noir Films by Date 

Appendix 3: Tech-Noir Films by Type

'Auger is an astute reader and viewer [...] it is in her detailed readings that Auger’s scholarship shines and her analyses prove potentially useful [....] both as a research checklist of a generally overlooked roster of SF films and as a valuable classroom resource.'

Paweł Frelik, Science Fiction Studies, Vol. 39

'This book is an essential resource for anyone studying or interested in the tech-noir genre. The annotated filmography truly supplies a wealth of information, with over 200 entries [...]. This indexed filmography, in addition to the final chapter, cements the book’s longevity as a reference in tech-noir studies, and scholars interested in genre studies might find a place for it in their reference library as well.' 

Angela Chiang, Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts
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