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Unmade Film and Television

Unmade Film and Television is a new book series that explores unmade, unseen and unreleased film and television from across the globe and from all time periods.

The study of unmade film and television remains neglected and fragmented within scholarly discourse. As such, this series invites contributions (edited collections, monographs etc) on all aspects of unmade, unseen and unreleased film and television from across film and media history. The key aim of the series will be to offer explanations as to why so many projects are left unmade or unreleased, with a focus on the social, political, cultural, industrial, and economic contexts, both at a regional and international level. It is hoped such an approach will allow for insights into the logic of creative failure within the film and television industries.

Ideas may range from individual case studies of directors, producers, writers, genres, studios, and production companies, to wholescale studies of national industries. It may be that the focus is on structural issues (women filmmakers, censorship etc.) or on concepts of the unmade, such as creative failure, archival methods, or creative practice. Contributions are also welcomed on the way audiences and fans interact with the unmade and unreleased, from the social media ‘afterlife’ of unmade films, through to innovative practices of bringing to life unmade projects for new audiences and in the process reimaging cinema history.

If you have a potential project, please contact the series editor, James Fenwick ( in the first instance, providing details of proposed author/s, a short biography, book title, and short synopsis.

Editorial Board

Kieran Foster (De Montfort University, UK)
Matthew Melia (Kingston University, UK)
Peter Kunze (Eckerd College, USA)
Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (Deakin University, Australia)
Alison Peirse (University of Leeds, UK)
Alix Beeston (Cardiff University)

Stefan Solomon (Macquarie University, Australia)

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