Welcome to the Intellect drawing collection
Friday, December 04, 2020

Welcome to the Intellect drawing collection

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Tomorrow is the Thinking through Drawing 2B Drawing Changes Workshop!


Intellect is thrilled to present an exclusive 30% discount on books within the Intellect drawing collection. Use the code DRAWING30 online between 4-30 December 2020.


Titles include:


Writing on Drawing: Essays on Drawing Practice and Research

Edited by Steve Garner

This book presents essays that reveal a provocative agenda for drawing research, analysing the latest work on creativity, education and thinking from a variety of perspectives. 


Drawing: The Enactive Evolution of the Practitioner

By Patricia Cain

The book redefines drawing more holistically as an enactive phenomenon, and makes connections between a variety of disciplines in order to find out how drawing helps us understand the world.


Drawing as a Way of Knowing in Art and Science

By Gemma Anderson

Introduces tested ways in which drawing as a research practice can enhance morphological insight, specifically within the natural sciences, mathematics and art.


Drawing: The Process

Edited by Jo Davies and Leo Duff

Presents a breadth of activity and research around the issues of drawing within the broad context of art and design and examines the drawing processes of high-profile practitioners.


Drawing: The Purpose

Edited by Leo Duff and Phil Sawdon

From the interdisciplinary perspectives of archaeology, jewellery design, illustration and landscape architecture, this innovative volume highlights how drawing is used in the professional world.


Drawing in the Design Process

By Pamela Schenk

Built on more than three hundred interviews with designers, academics and design students, and an exhaustive analysis of thousands of drawings, the book aims to generate discussion around historical and contemporary models of the design process.  


All our drawing books are now available as an ebook library collection. Please visit for more details.


We also welcome proposals for new manuscripts, please contact for more information.


Finally, Intellect would like to introduce its drawing journal. Focusing on drawing as a significant discipline in its own right, Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice is a peer-reviewed journal that facilitates ongoing international debates within the wider fields of its practice and research. A vibrant, proactive forum for contemporary ideas, the journal is a platform for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural dissemination of all forms of drawing practice and theory.