An Introduction to the Phenomenology of Performance Art (Book)


Author TJ B

An introduction to the study and application of performance art through phenomenology for radical artists, educators and practitioner-researchers. Features exercises to activate your practice, clear introductory definitions to key phenomenological terms, and a multimodal design that lets the reader choose how to read the book. 36 illus.


Dr T. J. Bacon is an artist-philosopher whose practice, under the name TJB since 2020, extends across performance art and phenomenology. They are the founder and artistic director of Tempting Failure, a biennial of international performance art staged in the UK since 2012. As a non-binary individual, xe advocates for the radical reimagining of traditional phenomenology and the application of a queer phenomenology in their study and making of performance. Their practice began in 2001 and has focused on the perception of the body and Being through a multiplicity of Self/s in performance art since 2009.

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