Bergson and Durational Performance (Book)

(Re)Ma(r)king Time

Explores the possibility of an alternative experience of time, one that is closer to the pure duration described by philosopher Henri Bergson. Contributes to contemporary performance analysis, philosophy and Bergson studies and examines aspects of immersive and participatory performance, ritual and online performance. 9 b&w illus.

Category: Theatre


The book contributes to performance analysis, philosophy and Bergson studies. Using 'durational’ performances, the author demonstrates new insights into Bergson’s philosophy alongside key theorists in psychology, anthropology and philosophy. The author analyses four performances that counter a socially accelerated culture where time is short, but possibility of experience is abundant.

James Layton is a lecturer in performance at the University of the West of Scotland. His areas of research interest include time and performance, arts and health and creative pedagogies.

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