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Christine White

At the age of 8 Christine White did a solar energy project as her dad was doing his HND in electrical engineering at night-school and his project was solar power. He talked to her about the planet and the need to harness hydro-electricity and energy from the sun. He got his HND and she got a gold star for her project. She now owns solar panels and spends quite a bit of time wondering what else she can do. She is also the Deputy Dean for the Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities at De Montfort University and she is with colleagues endeavouring to put sustainability in all its senses into all that they do. Her Ph.D. was about design and lighting design and so she is interested in what the creative sector with other technologists can do to make this still possible but greener and cleaner. If you have an interest in undertaking a Ph.D. with her in this research area then do get in touch.