Christoph Schlingensief (Book)

Art Without Borders

Edited by Tara Forrest


Tara Forrest is a senior lecturer in cultural studies at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Anna Teresa Scheer is a performer and theatre director who worked in Berlin from 1992 to 2006, including a period at the Volksbühne, where Christoph Schlingensief was in-house director.

Foreword – Alexander Kluge

Background, Inspiration, Contexts – Tara Forrest and Anna Teresa Scheer

Chapter One: The Tunguska Manifesto: Schlingensief’s Critique of Film and the Restitution of Experience – Richard Langston

Chapter Two: An Obscene Reckoning: History and Memory in Schlingensief’s Deutschlandtrilogie – Kristin T. Vander Lugt

Chapter Three: Theatre of Self-Questioning: Rocky Dutschke, ’68, or the Children of the Revolution – Sandra Umathum

Chapter Four: Passion Impossible or Man with a Mission: A Go! manesque Intervention – Anna Teresa Scheer

Chapter Five: Putting the Public Sphere to the Test: On Publics and Counter-Publics in Chance 2000 – Solveig Gade

Chapter Six: ‘Right now Austria looks ridiculous’: Please Love Austria! – Reforging the Interaction between Art and Politics – Denise Varney

Chapter Seven: Productive Discord: Schlingensief, Adorno, and Freakstars 3000 – Tara Forrest

Chapter Eight: The Fusion and Confusion of Art and Terror(ism): ATTA ATTA – Brechtje Beuker

Chapter Nine: Media Play: Intermedial Satire and Parodic Exploration in Elfriede Jelinek and Christoph Schlingensief’s Bambiland – Morgan Koerner

Chapter Ten: Schlingensief’s Animatograph: Time Here Becomes Space – Roman Berka

Chapter Eleven: Citizen of the Other place: A Trilogy of Fear and Hope – Florian Malzacher

Chapter Twelve: Blurring Boundaries/Changing Perspectives: An Interview with Christoph Schlingensief – Florian Malzacher

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