Directory of World Cinema: South Korea (Book)

Edited by Colette Balmain


Concurrent with the growing body of scholarship on South Korean cinema, Directory of World Cinema: South Korea offers an accessible overview of South Korea's film industry. In addition to the action and horror films usually considered in studies of South Korean cinema, this volume also examines genres that have traditionally lacked critical attention, including romantic comedies and gay and lesbian features. Essays by leading film scholars explore a variety of topics, including the emergence of South Korean cinema into the global marketplace in the late 1990s; the genre known as hanyru, or the Korean Wave; and the centrality of film festivals in promoting new South Korean films. The most comprehensive English-language publication available on South Korean cinema, this informative, analytical and entertaining guide will be widely appreciated by film fans and enthusiasts of Korean pop culture.

Colette Balmain is a writer and researcher of East Asian cinemas and cultures.

Editor’s Introduction

Film of the Year

Festival Focus
London Korean Film Festival 2010

Bong Joon-ho
Hong Sang-soo
Im Kwon-taek
Kim Ki-duk

Golden Age Melodrama

Korean New Wave

New Korean Cinema

Period Drama 

Romantic Comedy

Queer Cinema


Science Fiction


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