Fashion in Popular Culture (Book)

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When we open our closet doors each morning, we seldom consider what our sartorial choices say, whether we tend toward jeans and a well-worn concert t-shirt or wingtips and a three-piece suit. Yet, how we dress divulges more than whether we crave comfort or couture; our clothing communicates who we are and how we relate to our culture. But how does a Balenciaga bag or a tough leather jacket topped by liberty spikes signify these things?

Fashion in Popular Culture considers this question. Combining fashion theory with approaches from literature, art, advertising, music, media studies, material studies, and sociology, contributors from across Europe, Australia, and the United States consider the function of fashion within popular culture. Fashion, they show, has the capacity to both influence and be influenced by popular culture, and its meaning is also contingent upon context. Chapters in the book cover both historical and contemporary concerns, addressing a variety of other questions, including the role fashion plays in subcultures.

For students and scholars of fashion and popular culture—or anyone fascinated by what clothing can convey—Fashion in Popular Culture offers an engaging, interdisciplinary analysis.

Category: Fashion, Visual Arts


Joseph Hancock II is associate professor in the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design at Drexel University. He is the editor of the journal Fashion, Style and Popular Culture, also published by Intellect. Toni Johnson-Woods is a senior lecturer in the School of English, Media Studies, and Art History at the University of Queensland, Australia. Vicki Karaminas is associate professor of fashion studies and associate head of the School of Design at the University of Technology, Sydney, in Australia. With Toni Johnson-Woods, she is coauthor, most recently, of Shanghai Street Style, also published by Intellect.

'If you enjoy fashion, anthropology, sociology or simply want to get to know your favourite icons a bit better, then this book is an excellent choice.'

Amanda Kay, West End Magazine

'This book is fascinating'

Todd Robinson, UTS

'The anthology 'Fashion in Popular Culture' adds much-needed voices to the interdisciplinary discussion of fashion and popular culture' 

Journal of Popular Culture, Scott Stalcup
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