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Vicki Karaminas

Dr Vicki Karaminas is professor of fashion and director of doctoral studies for the School of Design at the College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. She is the editor (with Adam Geczy) of Fashion and Art (2012) and The End of Fashion: Clothing and Dress in the Age of Globalization (2018). She is the author (with Adam Geczy) of the following books; Queer Style (2013), Fashion’s Double: Representations of Fashion in Painting, Photography and Film (2015), Critical Fashion Practice from Westwood to Van Beirendonck (2017), Fashion and Masculinities in Popular Culture (2017) Fashion Installation: Body, Space and Performance (2018) and Libertine Fashion: Sexual Rebellion, Freedom and Style (forthcoming 2020) Other book projects include Shanghai Street Style (2013), Sydney Street Style (2014), Fashion in Popular Culture (2010), The Men’s Fashion Reader (2009), and Fashion in Fiction: Text and Clothing in Literature, Film and Television (2009). She is founding editor of The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture and the founding editor of the Journal of Asia-Pacific Pop Culture. She is a member of advisory and editorial boards of a number of international journals, including Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress and the Body, Film, Fashion and Consumption, Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion, The International Journal of Fashion Studies and ZoneModa Journal.