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Anne Peirson-Smith

Anne Peirson-Smith (Ph.D.) is assistant professor, City University of Hong Kong, with a creative industries background. She teaches and researches fashion studies, fashion communication, popular culture and the creative industries. She is the co-author of Public Relations in Asia Pacific: Communicating Effectively Across Cultures (John Wiley, 2010) and Planet Cosplay: Costume Play, Identity and Global Fandom (Bristol: Intellect Books, 2019). She is an associate editor of Fashion, Style and Popular Culture (Intellect Books) and The Journal of Global Fashion Marketing (Taylor & Francis) and is co-editor of Global Fashion Brands: Style, Luxury & History (Intellect Books, 2014), Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling (Intellect Books, 2018), The Fashion Business Reader (Berg/Fairchild, 2019) and Creative Industries in Flux in Hong Kong: A Critical Investigation into the Challenges, Agency and Potential of Cultural and Creative Workers (Forthcoming, Routledge, 2020).