Finding the Right Place on the Map (Book)

Central and Eastern European Media Change in a Global Perspective

Category: Visual Arts


Finding the Right Place on the Map is a crosscutting, international comparison of the media systems and the democratic performance of the media in post-Communist countries. It explores issues of commercial media, social exclusion, and consumer capitalism in a comparative East-West perspective. Each chapter considers a different aspect of the trends and problems surrounding the media in comparative European and global perspectives. The result is a creative collaboration of leading authors from East and West that covers a rich array of controversial subjects in a comprehensive manner. Topics range from the civil society approach to media and public service broadcasting to journalism cultures, fandom, representation of poverty and gender that reinforces social exclusion and legitimizes consumer capitalism. Finding the Right Place on the Map is a unique, up-to-date overview of what media transformation has meant for post-communist countries in nearly two decades.
Karol Jakubowicz is a member of the Council of the Independent Media Commission in Kosovo and the Intergovernmental Council of the UNESCO Information for All Program. Miklós Sükösd is academic director and associate professor of political science at the Centre for Media and Communication Studies, Central European University.
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