Gavin Bolton's Contextual Drama (Book)

The Road Less Travelled


Margaret R. Burke is a retired professor of drama and theatre in education at Brock University and the University of Victoria.

Introduction – Gavin Bolton’s Improvised Drama in Schools: A History of Confusion

Chapter 1: What Exactly is Contextual Drama? 

Chapter 2: Why Should I Use Contextual Drama? 

Chapter 3: How to Use Contextual Drama: The Ins & Outs 

Chapter 4: Case Studies 

Part I: Bolton in the 1980s 

Case Study 1: Theresa 

Case Study 2: Violence 

Case Study 3: The Haunted House – The Gatekeeper and The Key

Case Study 4: Drunken Robbers – Orpheus 

Case Study 5: The Crucible 

Part II: Bolton in the 1990s 

Case Study 6: The Sleeping Beauty 

Case Study 7: The Green-Poolers – Victimization

Case Study 8: The Sacred Mountain 

Case Study 9: Maria: A Drama of Oppression

Chapter 5: The Importance of Reflection & Assessment 

Chapter 6: Try, Try and Try Again: Stepping Out with Annie 

Appendix A: Gavin Bolton’s Writings 

Appendix B: Gavin Bolton’s Travels & Awards

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