Greek Cinema (Book)

Texts, Histories, Identities


Introduction – Lydia Papadimitriou and Yannis Tzioumakis
Part I: Approaches

Chapter 1: A Touch of Spice: Mobility and Popularity – Dimitris Eleftheriotis

Chapter 2: Is There Such a Thing as a Greek Blockbuster? The Revival of Contemporary Greek Cinema – Michalis Kokonis

Chapter 3: Gloves and Moustaches: Masculinity and Gender Relations in the Film Ta Kitrina Gantia/Yellow Gloves – Yvonne Alexia Kosma

Part II: Histories 

Chapter 4: Coloniality and Early Greek Film Culture – Vassiliki Tsitsopoulou

Chapter 5: Open-air Cinema in Athens: The Rise of the City and Urban Identities – Yiannis Christofides and Melissanthi Saliba

Chapter 6: Silent Greek Cinema: In Search of Academic Recognition – Eliza Anna Delveroudi

Chapter 7: Definitely Maybe: Possible Narratives of the History of Greek Cinema – Maria A. Stassinopoulou

Part III: Identity

Chapter 8: Music, Dance and Cultural Identity in the Greek Film Musical – Lydia Papadimitriou

Chapter 9: Carnivalized Greekness: Stavros Tsiolis’ Please, Ladies Don’t Cry – Nikos Leros

Chapter 10: Cacoyannis’ Stella: Representation and Reception of a Patriarchal Anomaly – Achilleas Hadjikyriacou

Chapter 11: Greek Cinema Without Greece: Investigating Alternative Formations – Gary Needham

Part IV: Aesthetics 

Chapter 12: Film Style in Old Greek Cinema: The Case of Dinos Dimopoulos – Eleftheria Thanouli

Chapter 13: Reflections on Pain, Loss and Memory: Takis Kanellopoulos’ Fiction Films of the 1960s – Panayiota Mini

Chapter 14: The Geography of Neo-Realism in Greece: City Images, Urban Representations and Aesthetics of Space – Anna Poupou

'The adventurous explorations, the sound suggestions and the vast research show that Papadimitriou and Tziounakis’ volume institutes a new beginning for the re-evaluation of Greek Cinema.' – Senses of Cinema, Vrasidas Karalis

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