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Josef Trappel

Josef Trappel is a professor for media policy and media economics at the Department for Communication Studies at the University of Salzburg, Austria. His scientific and research work concentrates on media and democracy, changes in mass media structures and their implications on mass communication, digitization and innovation, national and international media policy and media economics. He is the convenor of the Euromedia Research Group and Director of the Eramus joint master’s programme, ‘digital communication leadership’. Recent publications include Digital Media Inequalities: Policies Against Divides, Distrust and Discrimination (Nordicom, 2019), Comparative Media Policy, Regulation and Governance in Europe: Unpacking the Policy Cycle (Intellect, 2018), European Media in Crisis: Values, Risks and Policies (Routledge 2015), The Media for Democracy Monitor (Nordicom, 2011) and Media in Europe Today (Intellect, 2011).