Lightwork (Book)

Texts on and from Collaborative Multimedia Theatre

Edited by Alex Mermikides and Andy Lavender Series edited by Patrick Duggan

Collection of performance texts from the experimental theatre company Lightwork, along with short essays by key participants. Geared around collaborative creation, it covers an array of approaches including devised, multimedia and site-specific work, providing a rich resource for those making or studying contemporary performance. 20 illus.

Series: Playtext


The artist-led theater company Lightwork specializes in collaborative multimedia performance. The company experimented with several performance forms that emerged at the turn of the twenty-first century including devised and improvisation-led approaches. This volume brings together performance texts from nine productions by Lightwork and one play-text from Lightwork’s precursor company Academy Productions. The twelve-year span covered by the work reflects a period in British performance practice when the interrelation of page and stage, process and production, and text and “non-text” were being radically rethought.

Alex Mermikides is doctoral programme leader at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Recent publications include Performance and the Medical Body 2016, co-edited with Gianna Bouchard, and Performance, Medicine and the Human 2020 (both by Methuen Drama Bloomsbury); she is artistic director of Chimera.

Andy Lavender is vice principal and director of production arts, and professor of theatre and performance, at Guildhall School of Music & Drama. He is the author of Performance in the Twenty-First Century: Theatres of Engagement (Routledge 2016), series editor of 4x45 (Digital Theatre+ and Routledge) and artistic director of Lightwork.

  1. Starting points

On Lightwork and twenty-first-century theatre         Alex Mermikides

On texts and collaborations                                       Andy Lavender


  1. Blavatsky

On writing live                                                            Clare Bayley

TEXT: Blavatsky (1999)


  1. London/My Lover

On technical operation                                               Alex Mermikides

TEXT: London/My Lover schematic (2002)

On documentation                                                     Sarah Gorman


  1. Here’s What I Did With My Body One Day

On writing and not writing plays                                Dan Rebellato

TEXT: Here’s What I Did With My Body One Day (2004/2006)

On experimenting                                                       David Annen


  1. You Kill Me

TEXT: Once I was Dead (2006)

TEXT: Back at You (2007)


  1. Sarajevo Story

On sound                                                                    Gregg Fisher

TEXT: Sarajevo Story (2008)

On scenography                                                          Jo Parker


  1. MyLife

On movement direction                                             Ayse Tashkiran

TEXT: MyLife running orders (2008)


  1. The Tempest

On intermediality                                                        Aneta Mancewicz

TEXT: The Tempest (edited version 2009)


  1. The Good Actor

On acting                                                                    Bella Merlin

TEXT: The Good Actor various (2010/2011)


  1. The Shift

On process                                                                  Clare Bayley

TEXT: The Shift (1997)








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