Modern Argentine Masculinities (Book)

Edited by Carolina Rocha


Modern Argentine Masculinities gathers essays that explore the social construction of gender from the nineteenth century to the present. Authors analyze literary and cinematic texts, as well as contemporary popular songs, and offer a wide-ranging picture of the performance of masculinity as it has evolved and adapted since the consolidation of Argentina as a modern nation. This captivating interdisciplinary volume sheds new light on the construction of heterosexual and queer Argentine masculinities.

'[An] excellent compilation ... the whole collection is valuable and will be warmly welcomed by all interested in modern Argentina. Highly recommended.'


'Overall, the volume holds together well, covering both a representative chronology and a wonderful variety of sources. It is clearly the work of an able editor, who has spent time guiding a conversation among authors.'

A contracorriente, Jessica Stites Mor
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