Montréal Chic (Book)

A Locational History of Montréal Fashion

Montréal is à la mode. A fashionable city in its own right, it also boasts fashion schools, an industry packed with local designers and manufacturers and a dynamic scene that exhibits local and international collections. With its vibrant cultural life and affordable cost of living, designers and artists flock from all over to be a part of Montréal's hip fashion community. MontréalChic is the first book to document this scene and how it connects with the city's design, film, music and cultural history. Scholars Katrina Sark and Sara Danièle Bélanger-Michaud are intimately acquainted with Montréal and use their firsthand knowledge of the city's fashion to explore urban culture, music, institutions, scenes and subcultures, along the way uncovering many untold stories of Montréal's fashion scene.

Category: Fashion, Visual Arts
Series: Urban Chic


Katrina Sark is a cultural analyst and historian with a PhD from McGill University, and currently teaches at the University of Victoria. She is the founder of the Canadian Fashion Scholars Network and the co-founder of the Urban Chic book series published by Intellect.

Sara Danièle Bélanger-Michaud is a Montreal-based writer and instructor in French literature and culture. She is one of the authors of Montréal Chic.

Locating Montreal Chic
Chapter 1
A Locational History of Fashion in Montréal
Chapter 2
Montréal Symbols
Chapter 3
Museum Chic
Chapter 4
Music Chic
Chapter 5
Film Chic
Chapter 6
Montréal’s Fashion Economy
Chapter 7
Innovation, Design, and Technology
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