Performance Generating Systems in Dance (Book)

Dramaturgy, Psychology, and Performativity

Analyzes the self-organizing dramaturgies of dance works that generate performance systematically. Provides effective resources for those who wish to study or realize the potential of performance generating systems in dance within the fields of choreography and dance dramaturgy, dance education, community dance, or dance psychology. 17 b&w illus.

Category: Dance


Task- and rule-based dramaturgies in dance are conceptualized as performance generating systems by uncovering their dramaturgical agency, psychological demands and effects, and performative production of relational change. Three theoretical frameworks are applied to five advanced dance systems. The insights, frameworks, tools, and (an)notated works offered advance research, education, and creation.

Dr. Pil Hansen is associate professor of the performing arts at the University of Calgary in Canada, President of Performance Studies international, general editor of the Expanded Dramaturgy book series (Routledge), a founding member of Vertical City Performance, and a dance/inter-arts dramaturg. Her empirical and PaR experiments examine cognitive dynamics of memory and learning, and social dynamics of connection, in creative processes. Hansen has dramaturged more than thirty works in Scandinavia and North America and authored or edited over forty publications. Her latest co-edited books are Dance Dramaturgy: Modes of Agency, Awareness and Engagement (2015) and Performing the Remembered Present: The Cognition of Memory in Dance, Theatre and Music (2017).

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