Queer Mythologies (Book)

The Original Stageplays of Pam Gems


This book on Gems has a thesis or a 'backbone' which elicits the title 'Queer Mythologies'. Pam Gems has written over 25 plays, and has not had adequate detailed analysis of her plays to date. She is a popular playwright produced often at the West End and has a widespread appeal by being on the pulse of cultural iconology. Gems writes strong central characters for both male and female actors, and often writes almost cinematically, with time shifts in a non-linear narrativization. Her characters are metaphors for contemporary women and men and she often herstoricizes, thus righting the balance of dramatic history by creating parts for women in British drama. Her dramaturgy brings to the mainstream theatre the identities and subcultures of class, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality making her plays queer mythologies. ‘This volume marks a significant contribution to the rehabilitation of Pam Gems’ reputation and Dr. Godiwala reveals herself as a major critical voice on the contemporary literary and theatrical scene. This monograph is an absolute necessity for any students of Gems’ work and an important extension of applied critical theory in performance.’ – Prof. Tim Prentki, University of Winchester
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