Re-Choreographing Cortical & Cartographic Maps (Book)

Going West to Find East Going East to Find West

A substantial contribution to current discourses in dance, choreography and performance, especially in the area of Practice-as-Research. Reflects the perspective of the author as scholar, choreographer, performer, and arts practitioner, with an extensive background in both the professional world of dance and the intellectual academy. 49 b&w illlus.

Category: Dance


Henry Daniel is a distinguished SFU professor, professor of dance, performance studies and new technology, scholar, performer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of Full Performing Bodies. Daniel’s research concentrates on strengthening notions of Practice-as-Research (PaR), Arts-based- Research, and Research/Creation in Canada. He leads a group of artists and scholars who help define new parameters for excellence in these areas. He has a professional background in dance, theatre, and new media with a career that started in his native Trinidad & Tobago and continued in the USA, Germany, the UK, and Canada.

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