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Collection ISBN: 978-1-78938-135-1 | ePDF ISBN 978-1-78938-136-8

Just as the term design has been going through change, growth and expansion of meaning, and interpretation in practice and education – the same can be said for design research. The traditional boundaries of design are dissolving and connections are being established with other fields at an exponential rate. Based on the proceedings from the IASDR 2017 Conference, Re:Research is an edited collection that showcases a curated selection of 83 papers – just over half of the works presented at the conference. With topics ranging from the introduction of design in the primary education sector to designing information for Artificial Intelligence systems, this book collection demonstrates the diverse perspectives of design and design research. Divided into seven thematic volumes, this collection maps out where the field of design research is now.

The Re:Research collection includes:

Volume 1: Teaching and Learning Design

Volume 2: Philosophical Frameworks and Design Processes

Volume 3: Design and the Creation of Social Value

Volume 4: Design and Living Well

Volume 5: Design Discourse on Culture and Society

Volume 6: Design Discourse on Business and Industry

Volume 7: Design and Digital Interaction

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